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From: Matt Thorpe

Tuesday, 18.30pm


Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet   



Dear Friend,



If you’re fed up with all the other get rich quick schemes with empty promises such as pyramid selling and franchise schemes then you are just like I was, 15 months ago. And, since you are on my website you are obviously looking to increase your income and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.


My name is Matt Thorpe and I’ve been in your position, I understand how debts are growing and how your income is just not enough to cover your bills. I had a good job but no matter how hard I worked I could never earn enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle, I was worried about growing debt and becoming extremely depressed about my worsening financial situation.


I’ve tried countless get-rich-quick schemes and tried many business ideas by they always lead me to be working extremely hard with very little return. I knew I was worth more than this and deserved better so I had to find a way to change my life.


15 Months ago I stumbled across a discovery that excited me so much that I couldn’t sleep. I took a week off work to teach myself more about the Internet and the opportunities to make money online. I found many different ways but after some serious research and testing I used my extensive knowledge to develop a completed flawless step-by-step blueprint of how to make money, fast. My blueprint can be used by absolutely anyone, with or without Internet expertise or strong computing skills.


Over the next few weeks I used my method in my spare time after work. I started off with just a couple of hours a week to see if it would work.



Within just 3 days I began to generate my first online income and…..



After just 2 short weeks I went from zero to earning $1,346.26!  



I realized how powerful this method was after just a short time so I began to invest more time over the next 30 days to refine, test and measure my system so I could be sure it was not short lived success. Guess what? It wasn’t. The more often I used the techniques I had discovered the more money I was making. Take a look at my account when it began to rise sharply and my income started going through the roof!!



Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet



My bank balance is always growing but its something that I want to share you because there’s plenty to go around. I now have a 100% proven, risk-free method that will enable you to make money in just 3-5 days!!


You’ll be making hundreds of dollars a day in a very short space of time.



My Top Earning Day


August 17th 2006, I recorded my best ever day for generating income. On that day I earned $1767.84 and by doing absolutely nothing.


On that day I was visiting some friends so I have no idea that I was earning so much whilst having fun. That is how powerful this system is, you just set it up and leave it run.


I have since quit my job because I currently earn 6 times more money using my techniques, and growing.


I now reap many benefits from my system, including:



  Spending more time with my family


  Traveling the world visiting some amazing places

  Playing golf with my friends

  Knowing that I am financially secure and now becoming very wealthy



Earning Whilst on Holiday


This is me, on my summer holiday to Mexico earlier this year. I was enjoying the fresh and air amazing sandy beaches for 10 days. During these 10 days I earned a staggering $5,742.09 just by having fun in the sun!


There are so many benefits to tell you about my amazing system.





Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet! 


Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet is my excellent new ebook which details the exact step-by-steps techniques I use to create extensive wealth online using Google, the most powerful online sales machine, and to earn over $516.53 per day and…..





 It’s not like any other book you’ve ever read on making money. Believe me!



Ebooks are generally full of fluff and theory. They tell you all the information but they never should you how to put it into practice to make money. That’s why I’ve designed ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ a valuable resource that is fluff free, to-the-point and with the sole intention of making you money as fast as possible.


You don’t have 200+ pages of information to read, digest and remember. I’ve removed the junk and just focused on the keys areas and techniques to get to on the road to earning a substantial income in just less than 40 pages.


Here’s just some of the exciting information and techniques you’ll discover in ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’.



  A fast and effective way to make money within 3-5 days


  The hidden way to make money with no products or website of your own 


  REVEALEDFREE online tool that will unleash over 20,000 ways to make money


  My amazing method on how to be ranked at the top of Google every time


  An easy, proven and effective system of making money, even for beginners


  Techniques to generate a massive amount of ‘qualified’ customer traffic that will convert to $$$s


  A FREE BONUS quick win guide to generate immediate income for yourself from this product!


  EXPOSED: Learn how to make Google, the world’s most powerful sales machine, increase your income whilst you sleep!!


  How I combined 2 secret money generation tools to start up a self-running business that now delivers over $500 per day even when I’m on holiday or on the golf course!!


  How to build a system that will help your friends make money for themselves and for you too!


  Plus much much more……


Now you’ve got a taste of what my ebook, ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ can offer I want to give you some proof about how well it has already worked for may people. I’ve built a huge circle of friends who are now earning huge sums of money from the system I have devised. Here’s just a few of the people I have helped…..   



Success Story No.1!


This Guide has Kick-started my NEW Career!

'Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet' has turned into something I never thought possible. I was a sceptic but this ebook removes the crap and provides the fast techniques to start making money. I read the guide in just over an hour and after a day of practice I was in business!

Matt's instructions are clear, concise and easy-to-understand. What you have here, is an excellent money-making guide!

Les G Truman, Ex-Warehouse Worker turned Internet Entrepreneur, Orlando, Florida.

 Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet



Success Story No.2!



I Earned $$$s Whilst I Travelled!

I was in a job I didn't like very much and always wanted to travel. I couldn't afford to just get up and go because I have bills to pay. Matt's 'Cash Magnet' system enabled me to jack in my job and go travelling whilst generating the income to pay my bills!!

I recently came back from Australia with my bills paid, money in the bank and having had the best time ever! I have no money worries when I was away which was great!

Bruce Swan, Executive People Coach, Durban, South Africa.



Success Story No.3!


My Wife and I got married 3 months ago and we had alot of debts to pay off from our wedding. Your eBook has enabled us to remove a big chunk of this debt, what's more, we were even able to afford a honeymoon with 'Cash Magnet' ....that's made us money whilst we were away relaxing!

Soon I'll be able to say goodbye to my debt and enjoy the rewards of only a 2 hours work a week. Still can't believe it!!

Thanks Matt!!

From Steve & Soniya Cook, Newlyweds, Boston, Massachusetts.






Risk Free Trial 


OK, I’ve proven to you by sharing by bank account with you that this actually works. I’ve highlighted the key areas and how ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ will help you make money in just 3-5 days. There’s nothing more I can do to convince you it works. I’ve given you all the facts, all the income figures and highlighted all the incredible techniques you’ll learn fast. This is No Bull!


I want serious people that want to give this system a chance because I’m so confident that absolutely anyone can achieve a fast and rapidly growing source of income. I’ve given up my full-time job because this has proven such a success for me and you could do the same.


I’m so confident in this system that I’m going to let you try it 100% risk free!

Becoming the Ultimate Cash Magnet



100% Risk Free Trial

Go ahead and order ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ and give it a test run in the next 8 weeks. If your not 100% happy you can have your money back in full. I only want happy customers and I'm sure that's all I'll get.

So you're saying to yourself now.


Why don't I just give you ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ free and then you'll pay me once you've had success?


I know if I do this everyone will join up. Get the ebook for free and then let it gather digital dust not putting to use the valuable information I have revealed inside. Thinking about this just makes me sick!


I want serious people that will put into action what they learn and the only way to guarantee this is if I make you pull your credit card out and pay a very reasonable investment for a highly valuable resource will pay for itself within a week.




Becoming the Ultimate Cash Magnet


So what’s it going to cost me?


Like I said you're going to have to invest a very small amount to prove to me that you're going to take action.

Just think about all the money you've spent in the past on junk that hasn't worked. I know I spent well over $2,000 before discovering this method and I want to share all this hard earned knowledge with you. But I'd have paid $2,000 easy when I started to learn this then.

Think about the money this system could make you. In just two weeks in January I earned over $3700 of pure profit! If you think about it, I'm sure you'd invest two weeks worth of profit to generate double this amount every month.

But before you get scared thinking I'm going to charge over $2000 for this information let me tell you that I know you don't want to send money because you've been burned before. That's why I'm going to charge just $99.95 to ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ .



However because this site is still in the pre-launch process of this ebook I'm going to give you a huge 52% discount if you order by midnight Wednesday, February 28th, 2007. That means if you order today you'll only be paying $47.97.

That’s huge saving of $47.98.

After then I plan on rolling the word out to the public and will need to raise the price because I just simply won't be able to manage the flood of orders that will come in if kept at $47.97.

When you really think about it, $47.97 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could be making using this knowledge and step-by-step blueprint. Just look at the success you could have...


Matt, you're guide has worked brilliantly for me.

I started making money in just 4 days online and now my balance is growing quicker than I ever thought. I'm a student and it means that I can fund my education and have a great time with no worries about money.

Thanks a million!!

Stuart van der Baart, Student, Eindhoven, Holland.




Extra Bonus


Order right now and I’ll also throw in a FREE BONUS guide on how to make extra money from my ‘‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’  ebook itself!



  Bonus #1 - Your Second Amazing Income Stream! ($57 Value)

As well as setting up and running your own system you will be able to help others, including your friends and family, do the same and earn yourself even more extra income.



  Bonus #2 - Subscription to My Premium Cash-Magnet Newsletter ($47)

I will give you regular tips on how to improve your system, choose the right products to earn money from and make you aware of the ‘hot’ products when they arrive before anyone else. I'll also share other money-making tips with you and offer you fantastic discounts on my other product.





Matt, You’re selling too cheap!

This guide has helped to me to pay off my debts, my kids are going to college and I've just bought a new car with the money I've earned. Matt, this guide has earned me over $20,000 in just 4 months and its still growing.

‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ is quick to read and fast to pay back. You've charged peanuts and helped me get back on my feet!

Truly remarkable!

   Darren Hall, London, England.




Now you know this all works and I'm even giving you some amazing bonuses and a huge 52% discount. All there is to do is whip out your card and place your order. You'll get instant access so you can start today.






No Risk Acceptance Form


Yes Matt, I want to become a super affiliate and learn the secrets and techniques you uncover in ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ .


I also want to guarantee that I get the three bonuses totally free by ordering today, Wednesday, Feb 28th, 2007.

I realize that if I leave this offer the price may increase and the bonuses may get withdrawn so want to place my order right now through a secure server and receive instant instructions on how to download ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ along with the bonuses.


As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to download your guide, and the accompanying bonuses.





This product is delivered in the form of a downloadable ebook. Once payment has been received you will send to a secure page where you can download all the materials to make you a wealthy online 'CASH MAGNET'!


 Yours in success

 Matt Thorpe

Author of ‘Become the Ultimate Cash Magnet’ and Internet Entrepreneur


P.S. Don't forget, you only get the 50% discount and amazing FREE bonuses if you order today. After that I can no longer guarantee that them at the special discount price.

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